Most start-up businesses require some level of initial funding, even if that is only to establish a line of credit. The estimates below assume you have no existing infrastructure (tools, vehicles, computers, etc.) so your actual start-up costs may differ significantly. Throughout our introductory conversations with you, we will establish what you have and what you will need so that your financial investment is completely understood.

The table below illustrates some of the more common fees associated with starting your Green Restoration Franchise.

Initial Franchise Fee $35,000
Initial Investment $96,400.00 - $275,250
Conversion Rate $30,000 - $197,250
Royalty 9%
Ad/Marketing Royalty 4%
Term of Agreement 5 years
Is Franchise Term Renewable? Yes
Territory Expansion Fee $0-32,250
Training and Support Ongoing
Number of People Required to Run 3