Franchise Owners Testimonials

Gene Smirnov
Franchise Owner

Gene Smirnov Go Green Restoration

From running the day-to-day business in Green Restoration as Head of Operations to owning 2 franchise units, my professional path is proof of my commitment, focus and urge to go the extra mile for every customer and for every project I lead. Being aware of the business opportunity in the restoration industry, I swiftly acted on it to become a business owner and invest in securing a solid future for me and my family. 

Becoming a franchise owner meant that my ability to provide for my family improved, allowing me to move from New York City to the countryside, and settle into a beautiful house. My children attend some of the best schools in the country, while they enjoy the quality of life that this transition made possible. 

I aspire to keep moving the needle forward in my business, finding the most efficient and sustainable practices to achieve the best eco-friendly restoration results, ensuring a premium service to each and every customer.

Igor Madrit
Franchise Owner

Igor Madrit Go Green Restoration

By investing in a Go Green Restoration franchise, I was able to shift to a recession-proof industry with plenty of room to grow, while continuing to use my previous experience in dry cleaning business and know how to provide an innovative, and unique eco-friendly restoration and cleaning services.

While working with insurance companies and adjusters, I saw the opportunity with Green Restoration and seized it. Whenever there’s adjusters, insurance companies, property management agents and others alike typically have to hire 2 or 3 different contractors to complete the restoration project. My Green Restoration Franchise offers an all-in-one service now, providing all the trades needed in any type of damage, such as water and fire mitigation, reconstruction, cleaning, dry cleaning and textile restoration. Saving time and money, while guaranteeing the highest standard of quality and the use of the safest and most environmentally-friendly products and procedures.